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Lunch Lab

Update for 2021-2022: To maintain clean and healthy classroom environments, Lunch Lab has been canceled for the year. We hope to reintegrate Lunch Lab into the daily routine for next school year!


John Sedgwick’s admin team runs a Lunch Lab program that offers students a safe, suitable environment to complete classwork and homework essential for demonstrating proficiency on grade level standards. Lunch Lab takes place in an assigned classroom where students bring their lunches and work on assignments/events their teachers identify as incomplete. 

Attendance is mandatory if a teacher assigns Lunch Lab; however, students may also attend voluntarily. Each grade level has its own separate environment supervised by an administrator.

Mr. Novick's 6th Grade Lunch Lab - Room B111
Mr. Plutko's 7th Grade Lunch Lab - Room A131
Ms. Christman's 8th Grade Lunch Lab - Room A129

We have seen great improvement in our work completion since implementing Lunch Lab. 

If you have questions regarding this program, feel free to reach out to our main office.