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Regular attendance is vital to the quality of a child’s education. Parents are the key in establishing and maintaining punctual, regular attendance habits. Each school has specific attendance policies listed in student handbooks; parents are encouraged to review these policies with their students.

If a child is kept home due to illness, the child’s school should be notified as soon as possible. Please call Jennifer Denison at (360) 874-6096. If she is unavailable, please leave her a message or send a note with your student when they return which needs to be turned in to the attendance office.

Physicians advise that a child be fever-free 24 hours before resuming normal activity. Parents/guardians must provide a written explanation/excuse for a student to take to school the day he/she returns from an absence. Parents should encourage their students to log into Google Classroom to stay current with assignments during absences when they are feeling well enough to participate. 

As a safety precaution, students are not allowed to leave the school campus during school hours without clearance from Mrs. Denison in the attendance office or other administrative official.