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Student Handbook

Five Principles


What it looks like - Attends school regularly. Arrives to classes on time. Comes to class prepared. Completes all assignments. Uses class time effectively (works steadily, stays focused and does not disrupt others.). Work is of good quality. Makes an effort to improve. Demonstrates resiliency, grit, determination, and accountability.

2. FUN

What it looks like - Models behavior that encourages rather than interferes with the learning of others. Gets involved in school activities, clubs and sports. Demonstrates enthusiasm for learning.


What it looks like:
Uses kind words and addresses others appropriately. Judges ideas, not people; treats people with respect. Helps others feel as though they belong and encourages others to reach their natural potential. Makes our school and the world a better place without expecting anything in return.


What it looks like:
Monitors own behavior and acts appropriately whether alone or with others. Language and actions in the hallways and classrooms are free from bullying, intimidation, swearing and harassment. Follows posted hallway, classroom and campus expectations. Demonstrates respect for property.


What it looks like:

Acts in ways that are Safe, Kind, and Responsible. Treats others the way they would want to be treated. Creates ways for all students to feel included and accepted as an individual and an important member of our school community.