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Visiting Our School

Office Hours:  7:30 am to 3:45 pm


Upon arriving to school, the only doors that will be unlocked are the front doors into the commons.  Students who arrive after school begins will need to buzz in at the main office entrance.  Students departing early will need to be signed out by a guardian.  If leaving for an appointment and returning the same day, students will need to sign out and back in. 


Parents will need to buzz in at the main office during the school day.  Please bring photo ID.  Upon entering, parents will need to sign in. 


Visitors will need to buzz in at the main office and sign in to receive a visitor badge.  Please bring photo ID. 


Volunteers will need to buzz in at the main office and sign in to receive a volunteer badge.  Please bring photo ID.     All volunteers must fill out an application and clear a background check before being approved to serve in such capacity. 

Parking Lot Guidelines

PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE BUS ZONE (the large parking lot in front of the building).  The large parking lot behind the loop is available for staff, volunteers, and visitors who will be staying for an extended period of time. Parents who are dropping off or picking up students should use the small loop just to the right as you turn into our school.  Parking is not allowed in the loop.  Please pull forward as far as possible to speed up traffic flow.  If the loop is full, pull ahead to the east parking lot and continue around to drop off/pick up your student and exit back through the loop.  After school, our parking lot fills up quickly, and vehicles parked in painted spaces get blocked in temporarily until congestion is relieved.