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Sports registration will be done on FinalForms via the link below. 

All student athletes will be required to have a current Sports Physical completed within the past 13 months and be cleared through Ms. Speidel before they are able to participate. 
Student athletes who wish to participate in more than one sport – during different seasons - will need to register for each sport online. You will NOT have to fill out all the information again, but you will have to go in click “Register” to sign up for each of the sports. 

Sports Offerings and Schedules (subject to change):
Fall (September 5-October 20):
Boys Baseball (Tryouts Begin 9/5); Girls Fastpitch (Tryouts Begin 9/5); Coed Track & Field

Fall (September 5-October 6):
Boys C Team Baseball
Winter 1 (October 30-December 15)
Boys Basketball (Tryouts Begin 10/30); Girls Soccer (Tryouts Begin 10/30); Coed Spirit Squad (Tryouts Begin 10/30)

Winter 1 (November 6-December 5):
Boys C Team Basketball; Girls C Team Soccer
Winter 2 (January 4-March 8):
Girls Basketball (Tryouts Begin 1/4); Coed Wrestling; Coed Spirit Squad (Tryouts Begin 1/4)

Winter 2 (January 8-February 2):
Girls C Team Basketball

Spring (March 3-March 21):
Girls Bowling

Spring (March 18-May 24)
Coed Cross Country; Volleyball (Tryouts Begin 3/18); Coed Football (7th & 8th Graders)

Spring (April 10-May 3):
Coed Flag Football (6th & 7th Graders); Girls C Team Volleyball
Please contact our ASB Bookkeeper, Ms. Alanna Speidel, at or 360-874-6100, for information about Athletics Registration. For direct sports-related questions you may contact our Athletic Director, Ms. Angela Mehling, at


South Kitsap School District Athletics Mission

The coaches and advisors of all activities must assume a major role in the development of the youth under their charge. Their mission is to develop leaders, foster cooperation, and personally model outstanding sportsmanship for emulation by students engaged in activities.